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Like its namesake suggests, the Shah is the king of our Bravado collection. A one-of-a-kind woven wonder, the Shah incorporates a myriad of mesmerizing color layered under a traditional Persian style design. Beautifully blending modern colors with timeless pattern, we're confident the Shah will be a piece you'll love for years to come. The Shah is woven with a blend of luxury wool and high performance nylon fibers. Available in two colorations, gray and multi. European and Persian textile traditions create a modern mix of excitement and elegance in the bold, sophisticated Bravado collection. Abstract shapes are poised on intricately striated backgrounds in a vivid spectrum of jewel tones for astounding beauty. Backing: Latex.


Wool/Nylon Blend


Karastan- Bravado Shah Gray 5'6" x 8'

Color: Multi
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